Go To Market Plan for Digital transformation

Go To Market Plan for Digital transformation


  • What to develop
  • How to develop
  • Where to develop
  • When to develop 

1) What to Develop : Goal – Digital Global

2) Where to develop : Divide into four zone not into state as NEWS stands for North, East, West, South zone.

3) How to develop : Target Audience Education Sector :Youth platform : If youth would be doing each and everything online it would be a way to make Digital World in short span of time.

Example : Banking Sector in India

Depends upon users, if the user want, he/she could use online banking but in education sector it would be compulsory for each candidate.

Result : If the education sector would be online, youth would be online, no need of queue anywhere, time-saving.

Future Prospective : If youth starts doing everything online, no need to go anywhere, automatically vision of Digital country achieved.

Source of Income to Develop Digital Change : A minimal amount would be charged for online registration in field of education sector from each candidate.

Risk factor : From hackers. How to secure data, developing data center, security, firewall, and backup of each sector as per weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

When to Develop :  Depends upon policy and required minimum 5 years only. To start for one generation automatically all coming generation would be followed same online education method.

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